Company Tax

11 April 2017

Debate continues on the most appropriate form of company taxation and of the best policy approach to lifting private investment. Is a company tax rate cut the best approach? Should the base of company tax be changed along the lines being contemplated by the Trump Administration or perhaps that recommended by the Henry Review? Is there any role for investment allowances? Hear presentations from experts on company tax design and join in the discussion.

Business and Economics ยท Company Tax

Professor Ross Garnaut, University of Melbourne: The Australian relevance of the Republican and Trump corporate tax proposals.

Professor John Freebairn: Why the tax base matters as much as the rate: Should the ACE replace the Australian corporate tax?

Dr Jim Minifie, Grattan Institute: Company tax, investment and revenue.

Professor Miranda Stewart: Tax and Transfer Policy Institute, Crawford School, Australian National University: Options for company tax base redesign: Can we fund a rate cut, tax rents, enhance neutrality and counter erosion?

Dr Craig Emerson: Craig Emerson Economics: Investment allowances.