Decarbonisation: threat or opportunity

24 April 2024

This forum will examine and debate prospects for trade liberalisation within the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) region.  Over the last decade, the world has witnessed erosion in confidence in the stability of the global trading system as governed by the World Trade Organisation (WTO).  The WTOs Doha Development Round has been abandoned, the This forum will examine domestic and international aspects of Australia’s progress towards Net Zero. Discussion will cover issues facing the domestic transition, including transmission constraints, how to reliably meet national energy needs and the role of battery storage and large hydroelectricity projects.  We will also examine international climate change action, and report on opportunities for Australia to exploit its natural advantages in low-cost renewables by exporting zero-carbon goods.

  • Professor Philip Adams, Senior Researcher, Centre of Policy Studies, Victoria University “The Economic Impacts of CBAM On The Australian Economy”
  • Professor Rod Sims, Chair, Superpower Institute “Decarbonisation Can Be A Huge Opportunity For Australia, But Only If Sound Economics Wins The Day”
  • Dr Ingrid Burfurd, Superpower Institute “CBAMs: Friend, Not Foe”
  • Professor Bruce Mountain, Director, Victoria Energy Policy Centre, Victoria University “The Transition To Clean Energy In The NEM: Some Institutional Questions”