Energy Policy

20 November 2014

The topic is Energy Policy and the forum discussion will involve the issues arising from the Government’s Energy Policy Green Paper, ahead of the White Paper which is expected to be released in December; as well as discussion on matters such as impacts on Australia of energy policy developments in China, likely future Australian gas and electricity prices, regulatory reform in the electricity and gas markets, and renewable energy policy.

Presentations: Overview of key issues by Ross Garnaut (Professorial Research Fellow in Economics, University of Melbourne)

Presentation by John Ryan (Associate Secretary, Department of Industry) on the Energy Policy Green paper

Presentation by Peter Sheehan (Professorial Fellow, College of Business) and Jiang Kejun (Director of the Energy Research Institute, National Development and Reform Commission) on the energy policy developments in China

Presentation by Philip Adams (Research Professor, Centre of Policy Studies, Victoria University) on the economic impacts of rising energy costs

Panel Members:

*Anthea Harris, CEO, Climate Change Authority;

*Bruce Mountain, Director, CME;

* Leslie Martin, Assistant Professor, Department of Economics, University of Melbourne.

To coincide with this forum and their presentation, Professor Peter Sheehan and Dr Jiang Kejun will have a joint opinion piece in the Australian Financial Review documenting the seriousness with which China is approaching the control of air pollution, and the restructuring of its energy system away from coal and oil to achieve this. This will be circulated prior to the forum.

Melbourne Economic Forum · Melb Economic Forum 20 November 2014