Financial System Reform and the Monetary System

25 September 2014

Presentations by:

  1. Professor Kevin Davis, Professor of Finance at University of Melbourne and a member of the Murray Inquiry into the financial system
  2. Dr Janine Dixon, Centre of Policy Studies, Victoria University

Panel discussants include Governor Glenn Stevens, Dr Nicholas Gruen, Dr Peter Jonson and Professor Helen Sullivan

Professor Paul Kofman, Dean of the Faculty of Business and Economics at the University of Melbourne, will prepare a background note on prudential supervision bringing in international experience.

Professor Rod Maddock (Vice-Chancellor’s Fellow at Victoria University and President of the Victorian Economics Society, and former Chief Economist at the Business Council and head of international strategy at the CBA looking over CBA’s substantial entry to Indonesia), will prepare a note on the link between prudential supervision and overseas operations, and also on the allocative efficiency questions.