Macroeconomic Prospects for Australia

21 July 2014

The inaugural forum is on Australian macroeconomic policy choices after the Budget. It will discuss the policy options for responding to the decline in Australia’s terms of trade from falling mineral prices. Different choices have different consequences for the way the burden of adjustment is shared: it can fall heavily on those who lose their jobs or cannot find a job, or it can be shared fairly across the community.

Economic modelling, by the Centre for Policy Studies at Victoria University, of the size of the adjustment task and of the impacts of different policy responses, including those announced in the May Budget, will help inform the discussion.


Welcome by Professor Peter Dawkins

Presentations by Professor Ross Garnaut & Professor James Giesecke.

Discussion opening by Dr David Gruen, Professor Max Corden, Dr John Hewson & Adjunct Professor Craig Emerson.

General discussion.

Professor Garnaut will introduce the policy issues. Professor James Giesecke will outline the modelling results. Professor Max Corden, Dr David Gruen and Adjunct Professor Craig Emerson will open the discussion, which will continue within the wider forum.