Opportunities and Challenges in a Low-Carbon Global Economy

8 April 2021

In this Forum, we will explore the economic implications of Australia’s major trading partners embracing policies to sharply reduce carbon emissions over coming decades. Questions to be addressed include: What do China’s aim to reach carbon neutrality and the EU’s plan for a carbon border adjustment mechanism (CBAM) mean for the Australian economy? Can the EU’s CBAM design be WTO compliant? Can Australia prosperously navigate the resulting structural challenges by pursuing new exports that are intensive in low-emissions energy?   

Professor Robyn Eckersley, Professor, The University of Melbourne: The Year of Reckoning: Australia’s Weak Climate and Energy Policy in the International Spotlight

Dr Craig Emerson, Adjunct Professor, Victoria University: Can a Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism Comply with WTO Rules?

Dr Xiujian Peng, Senior Research Fellow, CoPS, Victoria University: The Economic Implications of Reaching Carbon Neutrality in China

Professor Philip Adams, Professor, Victoria University: The Effects on Australia of EU Carbon Tariffs

Professor Ross Garnaut, AC, The University of Melbourne: The Carbon Opportunity for Post Pandemic Economic Growth.