Tax Policy

16 August 2022

Federal and state governments face significant revenue raising challenges, both to fund the fiscal support measures necessitated by the recent pandemic, and to address future structural deficit pressures. This forum will examine whether budget repair and tax reform can be undertaken jointly. It will address tax reform in a system-wide context, examining responses to tax changes and connections across different parts of the tax system. Property tax reform has the potential to generate large economic gains. The forum will discuss detailed options for delivering state property tax reform. The implications of such reform for property prices and efficiency will be quantified and discussed.

  • Professor Miranda Stewart, Melbourne Law School, The University of Melbourne “How to Think Big and Small in Tax Reform?”
  • Professor John Freebairn AO, Department of Business and Economics, the University of Melbourne “Design Options for Reform of State Property Taxes”
  • Associate Professor Jason Nassios, Centre of Policy Studies, Victoria University “Property Tax Reform: Implications for Housing Prices and Productivity”