Understanding Australia’s Poverty Issues: A Multi-Dimensional Matter

15 March 2019

Measuring and then understanding how best to support individuals and households in or near impoverished circumstances is a multi-dimensional problem. The next Melbourne Economic Forum will touch on what we know about poverty from a macro and micro economic perspective as well as take a look at some of the issues that are linked to addressing matters related to poverty.

Mr Llewellyn Reynders will present insights drawn from the recent report by The Victorian Council of Social Service and NATSEM entitled “Every Suburb Every Town: Poverty in Victoria”

Professor Guay Lim will present her work, with Dr. Viet Nguyen and Dr. Sam Tsiaplias, to understand the implications of wage distribution on poverty-related issues. She will present results showing the shock decomposition of wages using their updated version of the RBA-MSM model.

Professor Mark Wooden will present work he and Dr Irma Mooi-Reci have undertaken using HILDA data on the intergenerational transmission of joblessness.

Dr Yi-Ping Tseng and Professor Jeff Borland will present work they have undertaken with a team of researchers and organizations to introduce an early years education program for children who are exposed to significant family stress and social disadvantage.